What CODE/+/TRUST Provides with CEO Patrick Bryant

CEO and co-founder Patrick Bryant talks about what clients can expect when working with the CODE/+/TRUST team

What CODE/+/TRUST Provides with CEO Patrick Bryant
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Z. Reese Downing
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Coding is a commodity. Products aren't, and that's what makes us different. We don't just build great software products - we solve problems and invent new outcomes.

Founded by tech entrepreneurs, CODE/+/TRUST is a software development firm with over 40 combined years of tech experience in custom products and core technologies like secure logins, SMS texting, GPS location, dashboards, payment processing, live & stored video streaming, QR codes, event ticketing, and more.

Starting with a consultation to idealize the best features, our team delivers bleeding edge UI/UX design concepts and then engineers your application with our fully in-house, experienced development team that brings hands-on experience building some of the world's greatest applications. Every product we engineer is focused on delivering a solution that's ready to disrupt the market, collect valuable user insights, and grow based on user feedback.

Our services include:

MVP Ideation & Development
Custom Development
Web Development
Mobile Applications
Database Design
IoT Integration
Project Takeovers
UI/UX Design
Staff Augmentation
Business Model & Monetization Consultation

Our core technologies include:

Secure Logins
Project Management
Credit Card Processing
SMS Texting
GPS Location
Live & Stored Video Streaming
QR Code Integration
Event Ticketing

Don't just take our word for it. For more information or to schedule a consultation meeting with our team of experts, reach out today!

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