Blinktbi Success Story

Blinktbi developed an FDA-cleared technology to measure and assess the blink reflex.

Blinktbi Success Story
Quinn Wilder
Quinn Wilder
Content Director
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Blinktbi has an FDA-approved device that distributes a small puff of air in the corners of the eyes and then gives feedback. It uses high-speed cameras to watch for a blink reflex. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a brain dysfunction caused by an external force, most commonly a blow to the head. Blinktbi's foundational research supports EyeStat's initial application to test for and identify abnormal blink patterns associated with traumatic brain injury.


Blinktbi’s previous vendor was tough to work with, and their results were poorly delivered. The system was unusable. Blinktbi also had a list of upgrades and changes they wanted to implement.

Blinktbi needed to solve bugs from their previous vendor. They were in need of a backend portal to store, analyze, and secure data. For Blinktbi users, an intuitive UI needed to be designed.


Blinktbi partnered with CODE/+/TRUST to complete a code review on their existing system. CODE/+/TRUST then began building a Dashboard/Admin app, IOS/Android app, Web app, and Website Design.  


  • Improved login flow, injury update flow, user import flow, and chart analytics
  • Onboarding screens, SSO, member profiles, sharing controls, map view, payment, and checkout
  • Push notifications, email/SMS blast notifications, magic links
  • Third-party API connectivity
  • Sleek UI


Partnering with CODE/+/TRUST allows our software developers to become your in-house CTO, and we design each project in a phased approach with specific timelines.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business

We don’t just create software; we become partners in your success—everything we do results in developing a product that will be successful in the market. We sit down with you to understand your project and give feedback. Our team collaborates to create timelines, branding, design comps, competitive analysis, and SEO research findings. The outcome of this phase is a meeting where we present our research in a deliverable document.

Step 2: Iterative Development

We build features quickly so you can release them to market as soon as possible while helping manage and react to market feedback with ongoing feature refinements. Our partners are involved throughout the development process and attend weekly stand-ups and planning meetings.

Step 3: Final Product

We set you up for long-term success and growth by continuing to develop your app and providing marketing strategies. We believe functionality and beautiful design are equal in importance.


The vendor continues to deliver stellar results. CODE/+/TRUST is a nimble, strategic team that values preparedness. When offering insight, the specialists keep internal stakeholders' best interests in mind. They're a seasoned team that clients can rely on.


We can’t find anybody else that can deliver the way CODE/+/TRUST can for the price that they do. It’s an easy decision to continue working with them.

CODE/+/TRUST is growing at an exponential rate, but that hasn’t affected our happiness with their work. They’re bringing in new coders, but they won’t bring in anyone who doesn’t fit perfectly. I know some of their other clients, and they’re happy as well.

Contact CODE/+/TRUST today to see what we can make together!

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