The Story of JSON the Pirate

Learn about JSON the Pirate and how it inspires the CODE/+/TRUST team

The Story of JSON the Pirate
Z. Reese Downing
Z. Reese Downing
Director of Marketing

The coastal cities of South Carolina are no stranger to the history of piracy, and perhaps none are more familiar than the city of Charleston. 

From the infamous Blackbeard, perhaps the most recognizable pirate in history, to Stede Bonnet, an ally of Blackbeard and known by many as the “Gentleman Pirate”, to the one and only Anne Bonny, who broke gender barriers and smashed superstitions as a female pirate, there is truly no shortage of rich history of piracy in the Charleston area.

Blackbeard - Stede Bonnet - Anne Bonny

There is one pirate you may not be familiar with, however, and that is JSON the Pirate.

JSON is a digital pirate that keeps a watchful eye over the tech hub building that houses multiple impressive tech companies, including CODE/+/TRUST, Go To Team,, Teamphoria, Bracari, The Q, and LeftLane Marketing.

JSON the Pirate at 665 Johnnie Dodds Blvd

Created by Charleston-based artist Karl Zurflüh, JSON the Pirate was created to pay respect to the both the long pirate history of Charleston, as well as the growing wave of technology in the area.

“They (pirates and entrepreneurs) follow their own paths, take risks, and they sometimes work on the fringe of laws that normal society adheres to.”  -Karl Zurflüh

Our team at CODE/+/TRUST finds inspiration in JSON the Pirate, especially when it comes to how we approach our design process. Our team of designers utilize strategic thinking with each project, are extremely skilled at navigating the waters of building amazing products, aren’t afraid of a challenge, are enthusiastic and passionate about their work, maximize potential and opportunity, and, of course, are able to hold their drink!

JSON the Pirate truly serves as a connection between old school pirates and pirates of the digital age. To see JSON up close, come visit our building and say hi to our team while you’re here!

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