SC Women in Leadership Success Story

South Carolina Women in Leadership is a 501c3 nonprofit organization within the state of South Carolina. Its mission is to increase and influence race and gender representation from the ground up.

SC Women in Leadership Success Story
Quinn Wilder
Quinn Wilder
Content Director
Case Studies


SC Women in Leadership wanted to create a platform that digitizes and streamlines applications for municipal and county boards and commissions. 

These organizations are presented online in disparate, old-fashioned ways. To apply to serve on an appointed board or commission in the community, someone has to search, download the PDF, and complete several manual tasks to submit it without certainty of where the application landed. 

SC WIL needed a solution that could be built relatively quickly and evolve as their customer's needs evolve.


SC WIL partnered with CODE/+/TRUST to develop MatchBoard. MatchBoard is an application that allows cities and counties to manage access to public boards and commissions through a single suite of tools for administration.

MatchBoard digitizes the application process for citizens. Across all 271 communities and 46 counties in South Caroline, MatchBoard makes applying to public organizations efficient and consistent.


  • Have a centralized database of boards and commissions
  • Keep track of expired, vacant, and upcoming positions
  • Communicate with citizens
  • Receive more applications from diverse, qualified applicants
  • Review and collaborate on appointments


Partnering with CODE/+/TRUST allows our software developers to become your in-house CTO, and we design each project in a phased approach with specific timelines.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business

We don’t just create software; we become partners in your success—everything we do results in developing a product that will be successful in the market. We sit down with you to understand your project and give feedback. Our team collaborates to create timelines, branding, design comps, competitive analysis, and SEO research findings. The outcome of this phase is a meeting where we present our research in a deliverable document.

Step 2: Iterative Development

We build features quickly so you can release them to market as soon as possible while helping manage and react to market feedback with ongoing feature refinements. Our partners are involved throughout the development process and attend weekly stand-ups and planning meetings.

Step 3: Final Product

We set you up for long-term success and growth by continuing to develop your app and providing marketing strategies. We believe functionality and beautiful design are equal in importance.


CODE/+/TRUST completed work on the client’s platform early and remained on budget. They remain highly responsive and are quick to understand client and customer needs. They know both business metrics and technology exceptionally well.


CODE/+/TRUST’s qualities of collaboration and forward-thinking have been impressive. We’ve very much appreciated CODE/+/TRUST’s resourcefulness in looking out for our needs and making them happen. I think that they have a lot of tools at their disposal, and they’ve done a good job of selecting the right tools to meet our needs.

CODE/+/TRUST has been able to look at our project from the customer perspective as well as from the backend and bring those perspectives together, which makes us very happy. Sometimes one almost needs to hire an interpreter who understands both the business metrics and technology, but we’ve found that CODE/+/TRUST speaks both languages.

Contact CODE/+/TRUST today to see what we can make together!

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