On the Road: Optimizing Your Space For Virtual Video Calls While Mobile

That’s right - we’re back! In this installment, CODE/+/TRUST Patrick Bryant shows how to optimize your space for video conferencing and meetings while you’re on the road

On the Road: Optimizing Your Space For Virtual Video Calls While Mobile
Z. Reese Downing
Z. Reese Downing
Director of Marketing

Earlier in 2021, we wrote a blog sharing how CODE/+/TRUST co-founder and CEO Patrick Bryant built a setup in his home office that gives him professional looking video and audio for virtual calls and meetings by utilizing equipment that anyone can purchase and setup with a little time and investment. It was a story about innovation by necessity.

While the setup Patrick uses is ideal for home use, it isn’t particularly travel friendly. There is simply too much equipment to easily pack up, travel with, and set back up in a remote environment. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to share another one of Patrick’s pride and joys – the mobile version of his video conferencing setup.

Let’s dive into the tools Patrick uses when he’s on the road to look and sound his best during virtual meetings and events!

NOTE: All equipment is available for purchase on Amazon and linked on each section's header


While it's unlikely that everyone is carrying around a laptop at all times, you’d be hard pressed in 2022 to find someone, especially a business professional, who doesn’t have their phone on them 24/7. That's why this setup is focused around utilizing your personal cellular device for these mobile video calls and improving that experience with some basic accessories. The whole idea is to be easily portable and able to set things up quickly, and every piece of equipment in this arsenal falls within those two parameters. Whether you're jumping on a Google Meets, Zoom conference, Skype call, or any other platform, both Android and iPhone have native apps that allow you to easily login, join, and control video calls right from your device.

Patrick is an Android user, but any smartphone will work for this setup!


If you remember from the previous blog, one of the primary components that Patrick uses to ensure he looks his best during video calls is his ring light. While awesome and effective, it’s certainly not easy to travel with. Not only is it large, but it requires a power source. Being that this setup is all about mobility, Patrick needed to find something that was portable and battery powered. He found it in this light setup.

Complete with a built-in 4300mAh rechargeable battery, this 360° full color LED video light panel is perfect for video conferencing on the fly. It comes with multiple accessories, including a tripod with an adjustable stand, a hot shoe adapter, and a rotatable phone holder, giving you true flexibility in setup.

Patrick uses 2 of these lights, but only one comes in the box, so if you’re looking to truly emulate Patrick’s setup, make sure you grab 2 lights!


This is a tool that may not always be used, but it’s great to have in situations where you need an alternative way to mount your lighting or phone. This self-proclaimed “super clamp” has a 360° ballhead and a hot shoe adapter that not only works with the lights, but can also work with Canon and Nikon DSLRs, as well as GoPros and other equipment.

This is a multi-application tool, and one you’ll want to have in those odd situations where you’re video conferencing in a location that doesn’t have a the ideal setup.


Along the same trend as the above clamp, these magnets are another smart addition to Patrick’s setup, ensuring that he can easily set up for a video call no matter where he is. Patrick applied one of these magnets to the back of each of his lights, which allows him to quickly attach a light to any magnetic surface. Again, while this may not be a tool that is used all the time, you’ll be glad you added it to your arsenal.

Microphone (Android or iPhone)

While a professional visual presentation is important, it means little to nothing if those people you're meeting with can't hear you well. That's why Patrick uses the Comica Boom X-D 2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone. This setup includes a transmitter that can be used alone or with a wired lapel microphone, a receiver that connects into your phone's charging port, real-time monitoring, rechargeable batteries, low latency, and has a working distance of up to 50M. It's perfect for the road, and provides a much better audio experience than simply using your phone's internal mic.


Last but not least, this setup is completed by grabbing this nifty case, which is small enough to pack up in almost any bag, but large enough to house all of the equipment! The last thing you want to do, especially in a time crunch, is to be hunting for parts or digging through 30 different backpack pockets to find all of the things you need. By keeping yourself organized, you’ll always be ready in a flash to jump on a call!

And there you have it! With a little additional investment, you can not only have a professional setup at home, but on the road as well!

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