Entrepreneur Studio Series - Episode 5 - Jesse and The Importance of Visual Storytelling

On Episode 5 of the Entrepreneur Studio Series, CODE/+/TRUST CEO Patrick Bryant interviews Earl Bridges, President and CEO of Workplace Generosity for Uncommon Giving, where Earl shares a memorable episode of his PBS series The Good Road and how vital visual storytelling is to inspiring philanthropy.

CODE/+/TRUST CEO Patrick Bryant interviews Earl Bridges, President and CEO of Workplace Generosity for Uncommon Giving, where they discuss Earl’s most impactful episode in his PBS show, The Good Road, and how visual storytelling fuels giving.

Patrick’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickbryant/
Earl’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/earlbridges/




A 20-year leader in nonprofit-focused technology, Earl Bridges serves as President and CEO of Workplace Generosity for Uncommon Giving. Bridges was the founder of Good Done Great, an industry pioneer in corporate grant management, employee giving, volunteer hour tracking and employee engagement programs for large and small businesses. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Good Done Great served more than 60 companies and over 2 million employees before being sold to YourCause in 2017. YourCause was subsequently acquired by Blackbaud in 2019 for approximately $157 million.

Bridges went on to become the host of a PBS travel documentary series, The Good Road, where he and co-creator Craig Martin travel the globe highlighting stories of philanthropic individuals making a difference in the most difficult situations. With more than 25 million viewers nationwide, The Good Road continues to be the most-viewed television program focused on global philanthropy.

Throughout his career, Bridges has been a visible voice about the role of technology as a means for making sustainable change for good, and for the role of profitable corporations to provide a triple-bottom-line to their stakeholders.

Bridges received a Master’s degree in International Business Studies after earning his Bachelor’s in Accounting, both from the University of South Carolina. He’s been active with the Global Company Culture Association and currently serves on the board of Global Health Charities.



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