Entrepreneur Studio Series - Episode 27 - Tough Love & Forging Your Own Path

CODE/+/TRUST CEO Patrick Bryant interviews Lee Deas, founder of Obviouslee Marketing, where they recall some tough love Lee received from Patrick in the early days of her company, and how that advice helped steer her in the right direction.

Entrepreneur Studio Series - Episode 27 - Tough Love & Forging Your Own Path
Z. Reese Downing
Z. Reese Downing
Director of Marketing
Entrepreneur Studio


Patrick’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickbryant/

Lee's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leedeas/



A native to Charleston, SC, Lee resettled here to start Obviouslee Marketing in 2005, because if Conde Nast considers it the “Top Destination in the World,” it must be an all right place to permanently set-up shop.

Obviouslee Marketing uses a secret blend of strategy and creative to conquer all challenges: sell more products; reach more consumers; go national; change minds; drive revenue and build relationships by handcrafting unique and meaningful solutions.

As the Grand Imaginator for OM, Lee works with the team on the marketing strategy and integrated solutions for the agency’s clients. She believes in exploration, imagination and collaboration. Her personal tagline was “Lee Can Change Your Image,” until she realized that Lee Jeans had trademarked it.

Connecting people and dots is what she does in her sleep. While she’s awake, at work, she’s a big thinker, a change agent, a buzz starter, advocate of the “no asshole policy” and a loyal businessperson. Bringing folks together is what she does best, whether it’s cultivating relationships with clients, friends, or partners, or hiring the best, brightest, and nicest people around. She’s happiest in strategy meetings, brainstorms, kickoffs, planning sessions and team huddles. She may be steering the ship, but she still likes to party with the crew.

She is also a partner in two start-ups, Citibot and Island Coastal Lager and an active member of the Board of Directors for Palmetto Goodwill and past board member for Lowcountry Local First and Parliament, the group behind Pecha Kucha.



CODE/+/TRUST - https://codeandtrust.com/
SC BIZ NEWS - https://scbiznews.com/
HARBOR ENTREPRENEUR CENTER - https://www.harborec.com/
HARBOUR WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP - https://www.harbourwealthmanagement.com/

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