Entrepreneur Studio Series - Episode 24 - Battling a Bookkeeping Blunder

CODE/+/TRUST CEO Patrick Bryant interviews Wesley Donahue, owner of United Federation Holdings, who relives a $600,000 bookkeeping surprise and how his team not only handled the issue, but grew from the experience.

Entrepreneur Studio Series - Episode 24 - Battling a Bookkeeping Blunder
Z. Reese Downing
Z. Reese Downing
Director of Marketing
Entrepreneur Studio


Patrick’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickbryant/
Wesley’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wesleydonehue/



Wesley Donehue is a political consultant, digital marketer, investor, and host of Under Fire podcast. He’s known as a knife fighter who solves problems for elected officials, candidates, causes and corporations. He’s the owner of United Federation Holdings under which he operates Push Digital, Laurens Group, Risa Properties, Frothy Beard Brewing Company and many other entrepreneurial ventures.

Wesley has served as a digital advisor for politicians across America including Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Tom Cotton, Senator David Perdue, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Trey Gowdy and more parties, PACs and issue advocacy groups than we can count. He has advisednumerous corporations on branding and/or crisis communication including SeaWorld, Kmart, Sears and HSN.

Wesley is most proud of his wife Elizabeth and their three sons Harlowe, Tennyson and Lawton. He calls himself a “solid middle of the pack endurance athlete” as he can typically be found training for long distance triathlons, marathons and ultramarathons. Wesley is an avid readerand a fan of history, stoic philosophy and Star Trek.


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