Entrepreneur Studio Series - Episode 18 - If You Can Fix This, You Can Fix Anything

CODE/+/TRUST CEO Patrick Bryant interviews Jonathan Zucker, President of The InterTech Group, Inc., where they discuss one of Jonathan’s favorite companies, Z-Man Fishing, and how a challenge from his father helped launch the company into something bigger and better.

Entrepreneur Studio Series - Episode 18 - If You Can Fix This, You Can Fix Anything
Z. Reese Downing
Z. Reese Downing
Director of Marketing
Entrepreneur Studio


Patrick’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickbryant/

Jonathan’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-zucker-541b84/



Jonathan Zucker has extensive business and investment experience that has greatly impacted South Carolina.

Jonathan is the President of The InterTech Group, Inc., which is a diversified holding company with operations and portfolio investments in multiple sectors including aerospace, industrial and engineered products, financial services, utilities and energy, specialty chemicals, recreation and leisure, medical technology, and real estate. Jonathan is also the Chairman of Z-Man Fishing Products, Inc., the world’s premier fishing products manufacturer. He was previously Director at the Hudson’s Bay Company where he helped oversee operations of Canada’s largest department store and North America’s oldest corporation. Jonathan received his Master of Business Administration with highest honors from The Citadel and his Bachelor of Science in Management and Information Systems with high honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and the Beta Gama Sigma International Business Honor Society and received an honorary Doctor of Commerce degree from his alma mater, The Citadel.

Jonathan is the chairman of the South Carolina Aquarium, the Roper-St. Francis Healthcare Research Innovation Center, and the Global Alliance for South Carolina. He is also advisor to the Zucker Institute for Applied Neurosciences, and is a member of the Executive Committee for the South Carolina Research Authority.


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