Assignment Desk Success Story

Assignment Desk has been connecting clients with video crews for over 25 years. With offices around the country, Assignment Desk saves clients time and money by sourcing professional and experienced teams.

Assignment Desk Success Story
Z. Reese Downing
Z. Reese Downing
Director of Marketing
Case Studies


Shawn Moffatt, Managing Partner at Assignment Desk, knew they needed a CRM to find and house their vendors. None of the products out there seemed to fit their needs – they were either too lean or too robust. What Assignment Desk needed was a custom CRM they could use to store vendor information and contact the vendors through a mobile app to create efficiency.


Assignment Desk partnered with CODE/+/TRUST to develop Assignment Desk Manager or ADesk. ADesk is both a front end live web database with searchable crew members and a back end manager that companies and crew members can message crews, keep notes, rank experiences and manage profiles.

Features include:

  • Messaging Tools for SMS communication
  • Specific Search Capabilities ie, Find “Audio Operators” in “Columbus, OH”
  • Access to Rankings and Crew member history across your entire company
  • Advanced Crew Member Profiles including Video Reel, Photo Gallery, Vehicle, and other stats


Partnering with CODE/+/TRUST allows our software developers to become your in-house CTO and we design each project in a phased approach with specific timelines.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business

We don’t just create software, we become partners in your success and everything we do is based on developing a product that will be successful in the market. We sit down with you to understand your project and give feedback. Our team groups together to come up with timelines, branding, design comps, competitive analysis, and SEO research findings. The final outcome of this phase is a meeting where we present our research in a deliverable document.

Step 2: Iterative Development

We build features quickly so you can release to the market as soon as possible while helping manage and react to market feedback with ongoing feature refinements. Our partners are involved through the entire development process and attend weekly stand-ups and planning meetings.

Step 3: Final Product

We set you up for long term success and growth by continuing to develop your app and providing marketing strategies. We believe a beautiful product is as important as its functionality.


Assignment Desk has been using ADesk internally, and has already seen an increase in productivity with booking shoots and accessing vendor information.

"CODE/+/TRUST is a great partner. We had a specific need that we needed the technology for. We do TV, not apps, and they were a great partner in giving us what we needed. We’re in a unique space and they listened to us and delivered exactly what we needed efficiently and at a great price. From concept to delivery we got more than we even imagined. They thought for us which is what you need in a partner like this.” -Shawn Moffatt, Managing Partner Assignment Desk

Meeting one of our needs actually created an alternative revenue stream for Assignment Desk because we have several clients that can use this product. We look forward to working with them ongoing to make it better as we learn about our clients needs. The journey for us isn’t over.” -Courtney Crosby, Operations Manager Assignment Desk

Contact CODE/+/TRUST today to see what we can make together!

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