Patrick Bryant

Patrick Bryant is a co-founder of Code/+/Trust software development firm in Charleston, SC. After co-founding his first company, Go To Team (broadcast video services) and taking it to 20 offices around the US 25 years ago, his bio is then a steady stream of starting new companies in media, rolling papers, and software. As a serial entrepreneur, he continues to start and invest in new startups including, Teamphoria (human resource engagement software), Event.Gives (fundraising event software), ADesk (crew production directory software) & Shine Rolling Papers. Bryant feels strongly about making Charleston and South Carolina a better place to work as an Entrepreneur. He serves as a Trustee of Trident Tech, on the SC Department of Workforce & Employment Workforce Review Committee, chairs the Harbor Entrepreneur Center, and was previously Chairman of Palmetto Goodwill and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. He’s recognized as a Liberty Fellow by Wofford College, a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network, and as a Riley Fellow granted by Furman University. Bryant resides in Isle of Palms, SC with his two sons Pate and Jack. Bryant loves the start-up process… that moment when you create something innovative that can scale… when you see that clear vision of how to get a unique product or service to everyone on the planet. And then build a company around it with talented creative people. After years as a serial entrepreneur, he founded the Harbor Entrepreneur Center to provide a place to help others launch companies and create collision among the other entrepreneurs in the region. The keys to his entrepreneurial success are now the founding principles taught to start-up founders in the Harbor Accelerator, a 14 week program offered to 16 companies a year in Charleston, SC. Each company selected receives free space, mentor-ship, access to investors, and free services like marketing, law, and accounting. His first principal is to think of start-ups as movie scripts with a specific timeline for growing each company and a clear plan to exit. Second, selecting the start-up idea is a clear formula involving scale, innovation, and ability to execute. Scale defines any business idea on a spectrum based on ease of ability to sell it to people multiple times, in multiple areas of the world, and with a small cost of expansion. Innovation comes through deploying new ideas that can be hopefully protected through trade secrets or intellectual property. Ability to execute is the understanding that the members of any team have unique skills suited to the enterprise including network contacts and skill sets. In his current companies Bryant has used all these values to ensure success. Always an entrepreneur, Bryant started his first company Bryant Design at 16. A one man desktop publishing service designing logos, menus, and advertisements using the newly invented Macintosh computers. Then while a sophomore in college his second company, a sound and lighting company for events around South Carolina including regional bands, high school pep rallies, and the Miss South Carolina Pageant and many of it’s smaller pageants around the state. He sold that business to his partner and today it is called Carolina Sound. These ventures opened his eyes to the world of small business and allowed him the opportunity to begin managing large projects. As a senior at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC he was awarded an internship with WIS-TV, the NBC affiliate in Columbia, SC. Shortly after starting school at the University of South Carolina he returned to WIS as a freelance editor and cameraman. After graduation and a stint in software sales he started Go To Team with his former WIS-TV boss. In the beginning years of Go To Team, Bryant started out serving as a production manager, audio operator and freelance producer. He’s covered the Olympic Park Bombing, Monica Lewinsky’s home at the Watergate, been on the presidential campaign trail, and been soaked for countless hours covering hurricanes on the southeast coast. He grew it from one crew in Columbia, SC to 17 offices around the US including New York, LA, Miami, Chicago and, of course, Charleston. He remains the majority share holder, but left in 2013 to pursue other business opportunities.


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